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Truck Models / Series with Available DxF Files

DxF files are 2D CAD-based files for use in creating line drawings. Your computer may or may not have software that supports this file type. If you are unable to open the files, you may need to download one of the available programs designed for use in opening and viewing DxF CAD files.

CV CV515
CV515 4x2 and 4x4
MV MV60H MV607
MV60H SBA 4x2 MV607 SBA 4x2
HV Medium Duty HV50700 HV60700
HV 50700 HV 60700
HV Heavy Duty HV513 HV613
HV513 HV613
2022 HX HX520 HX620
2022 HX520 SFA 6x4 and 8x6 2022 HX620 SFA 6x4 and 8x6
HX HX515 HX520 HX615 HX620
HX515 SFA 6x4 HX520 SFA 6x4 and 8x6 HX615 SBA 6x4 and 8x6 HX620 SBA 6x4 and 8x6
DuraStar 4300 4400
MA02500 4300 4x2 MA03500 4400 4x2
MH02500 4300 LP 4x2 MF03500 4400 6x4
MH03500 4400 LP 4x2
WorkStar 7300 7400 7500
SA51500 7300 SFA 4x2 SA52500 7400 SFA 4x2 SA53700 7500 SFA 4x2
SA61500 7300 SBA 4x2 SA62500 7400 SBA 4x2 SA63700 7500 SBA 4x2
SR51500 7300 SFA 4x4 SR52500 7400 SFA 4x4 SR53700 7500 SFA 4x4
SF52500 7400 SFA 6x4 SF53700 7500 SFA 6x4
SF62500 7400 SBA 6x4 SF63700 7500 SBA 6x4
SX52500 7400 SFA 6x6 SX53700 7500 SFA 6x6

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